Line Card

     (Rev. 2/9/24)

EQC Southeast is proud to be associated with some of the worlds leading technology companies listed below.


logo Audiowell International

Audiowell Electronics is a leader in ultrasonic sensing technology. Audiowell is leading way in providing highly accurate measuring sensors with their Flow Sensor technology for water, liquids, propane, natural gas, and other gases. In addition to the flow technology, Audiowell is the first company to introduce level sensing in gas tanks, propane tanks, and refrigerant tanks using ultrasonic technology mounted outside of the tank, leaving no holes in the tank. Please contact us to learn more about icemaker level sensing, and other unique products offered by Audiowell.

BGM Engineering

Whether you're looking for engineering consultants or electronic manufacturing capabilities, BGM can help! They offer through-hole and surface mount assembly, built in America. From concept development to product specification and design, BGM Engineering has the experience to help you at any step of the project life cycle. Whether you need Electronic Design, Mechanical Design, PCB Layout, Software Development, Research and Development or Electronic Manufacturing capabilities, BGM Engineering has the expertise you need!

Citizens Chiba Precision Motors A leader in high precision miniature cordless DC servomotors, brushless motors, miniaturized AC servomotors, Servomotors with built-in strain wave gearing, linear actuators, galvanometer optical scanners, spindle motors for disk inspection equipment, planetary gearheads, controls drivers, encoders, and special products built for special entertainments like dust emission, airtight, and chemical. Applications include semiconductor equipment, clinical and medical equipment, beauty and cosmetic equipment, measuring and analytical equipment, and factory automation and robots.


Shenzhen Codaca Electronic Co., Ltd, established in 2001, is a technology company focus in inductor and coil manufacturing, passive electronic components research & development; we are a vertical manufacturer from design to sales & marketing.

Since 2001, Codaca have been dedicated to provide customers with inductor design solution which range from Industrial Control, Automotive Electronics, Medical Electronics, Modules, Power supply, Communications equipment, New energy, Financial electronic and Digital power amplifier. Our group includes Codaca Electronic Company in Shezhen, Codaca Inductor Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd in Hong Kong, Heyuan CODACA Electronic Co., Ltd and Heyuan Coilsga Electronic Co., Ltd. We have total 30000 ㎡ production area and have more than 900 employees.

Main Products: Molding Power Choke, High Current Power Inductor, High Current Power Inductor for Digital AMP, SMD Power Inductor, Drum Dip Inductor, Rod Inductors, Air Coil.

CODACA certificated for ISO9001 and ISO14001 since 2006, we awarded the ISO/TS 16949 in 2016 and new version IATF16949 in 2018.

With over 22 years expertise in inductor manufacturing, from manual to automated production with advance testing equipment, our quality is ensured by our quality laboratories which equipped with high temperature and humidity environment chamber, thermal shock chamber, vibrating tester and other reliability tester.

Cooltron USA
Since the incept in California USA in 1999, Cooltron has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying to the worldwide thermal management markets broad lines of fans, blowers, heat sinks, parts and accessories for over 19 years. With devotion to technologies innovation, dedication to customization, strives to best product cost/performance and customer satisfaction, Cooltron has won reputation from global customers in a great variety of application markets such as Telecom & Networking, Power Supply, Industrial, Medical.

East West Manufacturing

East West is an integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution services partner for original equipment manufacturers and distributors throughout North America and Europe. Their focus areas include Automation/Robotics, Smart Devices/IoT, Medical/Wellness, and Industrial/Energy, and their manufacturing specialties include PCBAs, electrical assemblies and sub-assemblies, high-precision die casting, CNC machining, wire and cable assemblies, metal stamping, plastic injection molding, in-house tooling, and assembly/testing capabilities. As specialists in onshore, nearshore and offshore manufacturing, East West offer a seamless path to scale and an exceptional speed-to-market strategy while driving down costs and adhering to the highest quality standards.

Gloria logoGloria International USA

Established in 1988, Gloria provides customers with LED lighting and power solutions that are harmonious, pragmatic, and innovative. We specializes in the development and production of LED lighting products such as LED Drivers and PC board assemblies and transformers for commercial, industrial, and residential markets.

GTC logoGT Contact

GT Contact is a leading company of waterproof RJ connector, waterproof USB connector and waterproof circular connector.

Meeting the stringent standards of TUV, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, GTC offers a variety of waterproof circular connector, waterproof RJ connector, waterproof USB connector and weatherproof power connector for the industrial market including IP67, IP68, magnetic, Ethernet RJ-45, USB, D-Sub, M12/M8. The GTC family of connectors is available from 2 to 26 contacts. To assure a secure and reliable connection, both screw-type and bayonet style mating is available.

All waterproof USB connectors, RJ45 waterproof connectors and other waterproof connectors from GTC are manufactured with an epoxy potting which provides water-resistant capabilities even when the mating connection is unattached or the protective cap is missing. Rugged DC-plug types provide compact portable devices a solution to meet IP67 specifications, and they are also an industry-first innovation.

HANA Technology

HANA Technologies lean manufacturing and assembly practices ensure each product is built to specification. They manufacture in the U.S. and through a network of sister companies in the HANA Group. The Ohio location's core competencies include wafer processing, IC packaging, RFID inlays (and RFID tire tags), camera modules, and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). They use high caliber machinery and technologies for SMT placement, PCB assembly, component soldering, screen printing, laser cutting, wire bonding, and many other electronics manufacturing processes. Their quick-turn production lines give them the ability to produce a range of products with minimal lead times. HANA proudly serves large OEM products as well as quick turn prototyping.

Holtek logoHoltek Semiconductor

Since 1983 Holtek Semiconductor has been providing a continuous stream of competitive and functionally rich semiconductor devices to the global market. Holtek continues to focus energy on 32-bit and 8-bit microcontrollers as well as microcontroller peripheral products as well as functional modules. This includes an extensive range of fully integrated digital and analog functions such as A/D converters, LCD drivers, PWM generators, high current LED drivers, touch switches, SPI/I2C interfaces, USB drivers, Voice functions, Telecom functions etc. Complimenting its microcontrollers are a wide range of peripheral devices such as Touch Panel Switch devices, LCD Drivers, Power Management devices, Fingerprint modules, and motor controllers.

Products include 8-Bit OTP MCU, 8-Bit Flash MCU, 8-Bit 801 Flash MCU, 32-Bit Flash MCU, Fingerprint Module, Functional Module, Display Driver including LCD controller and driver, LED controller and drive, VFD controller and driver, EEPROM Memory including 3-Wire EEPROM and I2C EEPROM, Encoder/Decoder, Learning RF Encoder, IR Remote Controller, Power management including LDO & Detector, DC to DC Converter, AC to DC Converter, White LED Backlight Driver, Lighting Driver/Controller, General OP Amplifier, Audio Amplifier, CCD/CIS Analog Signal Processor, CCD Vertical Driver, Image Signal Processor, Touch Key, Telecom Peripheral, PIR Controller, Timepiece, Bridge Interface, and Ambient Light Sensor.

Kijima Communication Wire

Since their establishment (1925), Kijima has devoted themselves to the quality improvements of electric wires and the development of new products under the principle of "quality first". They are the leading manufacturer of cables for robotic applications, LAN cables, interface cables, fluorine resin wire, UL & CSA standard cables, phone cords, modular cables, and wire harnesses.

Motion Drivetronics (Mechtex)

Mechtex is a manufacturer and exporter of Synchronous Motors, Stepper Motors, Reduction Gear Heads, Linear Actuators, DC Geared Motors, Brushless DC Motors, and Controllers since 1967. Their products are highly user friendly, economical, technologically superior, and of high quality with superior performance. Mechtex is an ISO 9001:2015 ensured association and their products are UL and CE endorsed.

Nidec Components logoNidec Components

A global supplier of small precision DC motors, vibration motors, fans, DC Gear motors, Pressure Sensors, Trimmers, Potentiometers, Encoders, Pushbutton Switches, Rocker Switches, Joysticks, and Stepper Motors.


Founded in 1992, P-DUKE 100% concentrated on the research, development, production, sales and service of AC/DC and DC/DC Converters and related products. Through multiple methods, P-DUKE keeps following up the ever-changing pulse of power industry and performs our 3S commitments to the highest. We provide a full range of product line, from standard types to customized products.


Polytronix, Inc., a U.S. based company located in Richardson, Texas, has been an innovator in design, manufacturing and marketing of liquid crystal displays for over 40 years. Our displays are used in a variety of applications, providing visual output for medical, aviation, aerospace, marine, automotive, industrial controls, and defense related products.  Within the military and aerospace markets, Polytronix's specialized displays are considered a leading manufacturer in Dichroic, Heilmeier and PWTN technology. Polytronix employs IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainers to qualify J-STD-001 Specialists for all electronic assembly operations. Additionally, the U.S. engineering team, combined with the 3 (ISO-9001, T/S 16949, ISO-14000 and ISO 13485 Certified) Asian Facilities, offer complete support from R&D to final product realization. We offer an extreme broad range of standard and custom designed monochrome and full color TFT displays to meet today's demands. Polytronix is a GREEN manufacturer that produce all products in a clean room environment and protected with all ESD requirements. 

logoProcom International

Sourcing and Logistical Management company for unique parts, testing services, and custom engineered designs. Procom can offer stateside warehousing to ensure prompt and on-time delivery to meet customer demands.

Rubycon logoRubycon
Rubycon is the leading electrolytic capacitor manufacturer for the high temperature and long life capacitor. They were the first to develop capacitors expressly for the LED lighting industry and they continue to expand their products offering high temperature and long life. Please ask us about all of the available capacitor products from Rubycon.

logoSamwha USA
A leading manufacturer of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors, DC Link Capacitors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, EMI Filters, Chip Beads, Inductors, and Power Capacitors for Electric Vehicle requirements. TS16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified. Inventory maintained in southern California.

Sanrex logoSanrex Corp.
Over the years SanRex has been a global pioneer in Power Semiconductor developed and supplied Diodes, Thyristors (SCR), and Triac products. SanRex products are widely used in industrial power applications, and are all compliant with RoHS. As leader in Power Semiconductors Modules and Intelligent Power Modules see how Sanrex can solve you power module and semiconductor design requirements.

SPG Motors
A global leader in AC and DC motors for refrigeration and industrial applications. SPG motors are used in many global refrigerator companies and commercial icemakers. SPG's product line of AC and DC motors, Gear Motors, Shaded Pole Motors allows SPG to fit into many different applications.


Somalytics is the world's first paper carbon nanotube capacitive sensor, it is highly sensitive to human presence, improving eye tracking, HMI, wearables, and industrial safety. They focus on the co-development of consumer and industrial products that improve health, interaction, and safety using ground-breaking technology to transform the human experience. The technology is disruptive, delivering greater sensitivity in a smaller size, at a lower cost.

logoSTL Technology

Since 1967, STL has been building battery packs and chargers for many household names such as HP, Sony, Inventec, Asus and others for laptop computers, power hand tools, electric vehicles and a multitude of other applications. Let us show you how you can use STL's knowledge and utilize their engineering teams to help you on your next battery application. Take advantage of the two R&D and design centers within STL. Ask us how we can start working with you on your battery pack applications.

Vitzro Cell

Vitzro Cell is a world-class portable power supplier and innovators in the world of energy suppliers. They offer Li/SOCl2 batteries (bobbin and wound type), military packs, high temperature SO2Cl2 chemistries, EDLC (Super Capacitor), Ampoule and Thermal batteries, and Li/MnO2 batteries.



Yamaha, a globally recognized brand, offers High-speed High precision Inspection system, Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Automated Optical Inspection (AO). They offer a variety of machines with 2D, 3D, and 4D direction angle cameras and laser inspection. In order of offer the best customer support, they also offer an all-encompassed support system for various applications which enables the best solution for each scene. Customers are invited to visit their showroom in Kennesaw, GA, to make an appointment, please contact us at 256.929.3734.

logoZippy Microswitch

Since 1986, Zippy has been a major private label supplier to some of the best known Microswitch companies in the world. Take advantage of the high quality and global pricing offered by Zippy Microswitch. Ask about their miniature microswitches and their waterproof microswitches for your Microswitch applications.