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EQC Southeast is proud to be associated with some of the worlds leading technology companies listed below.

Advanced Input Systems

Advanced Input Systems is a global group of companies specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative touch, sensing, and control human interface systems for leading original equipment manufacturers. We define the user experience for specialized medical equipment, advanced military and security solutions, industrial equipment, high tech gaming applications, and custom designed input components.

logologo Audiowell International   &
Audiowell Electronics and

Audiowell Electronics is a leader in ultrasonic sensing technology. Audiowell is leading way in providing highly accurate measuring sensors with their Flow Sensor technology for water, liquids, propane, natural gas, and other gases. In addition to the flow technology, Audiowell is the first company to introduce level sensing in gas tanks, propane tanks, and refrigerant tanks using ultrasonic technology mounted outside of the tank, leaving no holes in the tank. Please contact us to learn more about icemaker level sensing, and other unique products offered by Audiowell.


logoShenzhen Codaca Electronic Co., Ltd, established in 2001, is a technology company focus in inductor and coil manufacturing, passive electronic components research & development; we are a vertical manufacturer from design to sales & marketing.

Since 2001, Codaca have been dedicated to provide customers with inductor design solution which range from Industrial Control, Automotive Electronics, Medical Electronics, Modules, Power supply, Communications equipment, New energy, Financial electronic and Digital power amplifier. Our group includes Codaca Electronic Company in Shezhen, Codaca Inductor Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd in Hong Kong, Heyuan CODACA Electronic Co., Ltd and Heyuan Coilsga Electronic Co., Ltd. We have total 18000 ㎡ production area and have more than 580 employees.

Main Products: Molding Power Choke, High Current Power Inductor, High Current Power Inductor for Digital AMP, SMD Power Inductor, Drum Dip Inductor, Rod Inductors, Air Coil.

CODACA certificated for ISO9001 and ISO14001 since 2006, we awarded the ISO/TS 16949 in 2016 and new version IATF16949 in 2018.

With over 17 years expertise in inductor manufacturing, from manual to automated production with advance testing equipment, our quality is ensured by our quality laboratories which equipped with high temperature and humidity environment chamber, thermal shock chamber, vibrating tester and other reliability tester.

Gloria logoGloria International USA

Established in 1988, Gloria provides customers with LED lighting and power solutions that are harmonious, pragmatic, and innovative. We specializes in the development and production of LED lighting products such as LED Drivers and PC board assemblies and transformers for commercial, industrial, and residential markets.

GTC logoGT Contact

GT Contact is a leading company of waterproof RJ connector, waterproof USB connector and waterproof circular connector.

Meeting the stringent standards of TUV, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, GTC offers a variety of waterproof circular connector, waterproof RJ connector, waterproof USB connector and weatherproof power connector for the industrial market including IP67, IP68, magnetic, Ethernet RJ-45, USB, D-Sub, M12/M8. The GTC family of connectors is available from 2 to 26 contacts. To assure a secure and reliable connection, both screw-type and bayonet style mating is available.

All waterproof USB connectors, RJ45 waterproof connectors and other waterproof connectors from GTC are manufactured with an epoxy potting which provides water-resistant capabilities even when the mating connection is unattached or the protective cap is missing. Rugged DC-plug types provide compact portable devices a solution to meet IP67 specifications, and they are also an industry-first innovation.

Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp.

With nearly 40 years of experience Hasco doesn't just do Electromechanical Relays they also offer Reed Switches, Reed Relays, and Magnets. Hasco stocks 200 styles of products made locally here in the US but fulfilling manufacturing customers' needs globally.

logoHasco has approximately 500 different types of relays and electromechanical relays, as well as 24 types of reed relays, that range from milliamps to 80 amps. They include both DC and AC coil voltages and can also switch from one pole to 4 poles.

Holtek logoHoltek Semiconductor

Since 1983 Holtek Semiconductor has been providing a continuous stream of competitive and functionally rich semiconductor devices to the global market. Holtek continues to focus energy on 32-bit and 8-bit microcontrollers as well as microcontroller peripheral products as well as functional modules. This includes an extensive range of fully integrated digital and analog functions such as A/D converters, LCD drivers, PWM generators, high current LED drivers, touch switches, SPI/I2C interfaces, USB drivers, Voice functions, Telecom functions etc. Complimenting its microcontrollers are a wide range of peripheral devices such as Touch Panel Switch devices, LCD Drivers, Power Management devices, Fingerprint modules, and motor controllers.

Products include 8-Bit OTP MCU, 8-Bit Flash MCU, 8-Bit 801 Flash MCU, 32-Bit Flash MCU, Fingerprint Module, Functional Module, Display Driver including LCD controller and driver, LED controller and drive, VFD controller and driver, EEPROM Memory including 3-Wire EEPROM and I2C EEPROM, Encoder/Decoder, Learning RF Encoder, IR Remote Controller, Power management including LDO & Detector, DC to DC Converter, AC to DC Converter, White LED Backlight Driver, Lighting Driver/Controller, General OP Amplifier, Audio Amplifier, CCD/CIS Analog Signal Processor, CCD Vertical Driver, Image Signal Processor, Touch Key, Telecom Peripheral, PIR Controller, Timepiece, Bridge Interface, and Ambient Light Sensor.

Mag Layers USA

Established in 1990 in Taiwan, Mag Layers continues to manufacture in Taiwan with the support of one factory located in mainland China. Over the years, Mag Layers has expanded the product offering to include multilayer chip inductors, ferrite inductors, molded power chokes, molded inductors, DIP LAN transformers, Planar Type LAN transformers, Power inductors, Wire Wound Power inductors, SMD shielded, Common Mode filters, Automotive EMI Common Mode Filters, Air Coil Chokes, and a larger product selection of Automotive grade products. Mag Layers USA based in southern California is able to offer custom inventory support programs as well as local customer service. Please call for datasheets or samples.

McLean logoMacLean Senior Industries

MacLean Senior is a leading alternative to Switchcraft audio products as well as being able to provide a number of other electro-mechanical parts such as RCA jacks, RJ45 Jacks, D Sub connectors, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, and tact switchers. One of the great strengths of MacLean Senior is their ability to support the development of custom products. If you need a custom connector or switch let MacLean Senior be your resource for these products.

Nidec Copal logoNidec Copal Electronics

A global supplier of small precision DC motors, vibration motors, fans, DC Gear motors, Pressure Sensors, Trimmers, Potentiometers, Encoders, Pushbutton Switches, Rocker Switches, Joysticks, and Stepper Motors.

PRP logoPrecision Resistive Products
A USA based manufacturer of precision resistors, providing standard and non-standard valued resistors in leaded and surface mount styles. Thin Film, Wire Wound, Thick Film, Metal Film, Metal Film Audio, Power Resistors, Metal Strip, Shunts, Current Sense, Pulse Withstand, and Metal Oxide resistors are available in low tolerances.

logoProcom International

Sourcing and Logistical Management company for unique parts, testing services, and custom engineered designs. Procom can offer stateside warehousing to ensure prompt and on-time delivery to meet customer demands.

Rubycon logoRubycon
Rubycon is the leading electrolytic capacitor manufacturer for the high temperature and long life capacitor. They were the first to develop capacitors expressly for the LED lighting industry and they continue to expand their products offering high temperature and long life. Please ask us about all of the available capacitor products from Rubycon.

logoSamwha USA
A leading manufacturer of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors, DC Link Capacitors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, EMI Filters, Chip Beads, Inductors, and Power Capacitors for Electric Vehicle requirements. TS16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified. Inventory maintained in southern California.

Sanrex logoSanrex Corp.
Over the years SanRex has been a global pioneer in Power Semiconductor developed and supplied Diodes, Thyristors (SCR), and Triac products. SanRex products are widely used in industrial power applications, and are all compliant with RoHS. As leader in Power Semiconductors Modules and Intelligent Power Modules see how Sanrex can solve you power module and semiconductor design requirements.

SPG Motors
A global leader in AC and DC motors for refrigeration and industrial applications. SPG motors are used in many global refrigerator companies and commercial icemakers. SPG's product line of AC and DC motors, Gear Motors, Shaded Pole Motors allows SPG to fit into many different applications.

logoSTL Technology

Since 1967, STL has been building battery packs and chargers for many household names such as HP, Sony, Inventec, Asus and others for laptop computers, power hand tools, electric vehicles and a multitude of other applications. Let us show you how you can use STL's knowledge and utilize their engineering teams to help you on your next battery application. Take advantage of the two R&D and design centers within STL. Ask us how we can start working with you on your battery pack applications.

logoTalema Electronics

For 40 years Talema has been providing Toroidal Transformers up to 7.5KVA, Custom Magnetics, Toroidal Power Inductors, Current Sensors, and custom transformers.

World Products

World Products is a recognized expert in providing circuit protection devices including MOV's, Fused MOV's, Gas Discharge Tubes, and Spark Gap Arrestors have been protecting circuits in products used all over the globe. With inventory maintained in Sonoma CA and with a testing lab why don't you consider World Products for you next application.

WP Wireless

logo WP Wireless is so successful in supplying all types of antennas because of their engineering staff and test facility in their Sonoma CA headquarters. Regardless of your antenna requirement WP Wireless can bring engineering support to help you develop the right antenna and circuit layout and positioning for your application.

logoZippy Microswitch
Since 1986, Zippy has been a major private label supplier to some of the best known Microswitch companies in the world. Take advantage of the high quality and global pricing offered by Zippy Microswitch. Ask about their miniature microswitches and their waterproof microswitches for your Microswitch applications.